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Safeware Coverage

$99 for 3 years of accidental damage coverage on laptops and desktops. Damage from drops, liquid spills, lightning strikes, and other accidents, which are not covered by Applecare, can cost up to $1359.00! With a Safeware Protection Plan, you are only responsible for a $250 Service Fee. One repair in that 3 year period covers the cost of the plan and then some!

Now through September: When you buy a computer, Applecare, and our 3-year accidental damage coverage ($99), you get your choice of one the following rewards:

  • 1 Free end-of-semester tune-up.
  • 2 Jump-the-line passes for any service.
  • 3 training passes for the year.
  • Discounted rental computer rate during all service appointments.

Where accidental damage repairs can cost up to $1000, with the Safeware Protection Plan, they are no more than $250.  If your child damages the computer once in three years, it pays for itself.