As your photography or graphic design file archive grows, so should your system for backing up and protecting your images. Catastrophe can strike at any moment. Whether you are professional or just a hobbyists, nothing is more painful in the design and photography world than losing weeks, months, or even years of hard work due to a faulty hard drive and a lack of a reliable backup.

You’ve no doubt felt the feeling that swells in the pit of your stomach when a critical file or image has been lost forever. Magnify those bad feels by 100X when it’s your client’s important files or images you just witnessed fading into Oblivion. That’s never a great conversation to have with someone who is depending on you to protect their valuable digital assets.

When (NOT IF) a drive fails, having a reliable way to backup and restore your important files is the only way to avoid losing sleep.

Even if you’re not a professional, you should stop relying on a pile of external hard drives and take advantage of the benefits of a RAID setup such as:

Work from anywhere: Have access to your files and pictures, and upload pictures to your private cloud while on a photoshoot

  • Your own private “Dropbox” for your clients and associates
  • Smart & proper backup solutions to let you sleep at night
  • Hard drives will fail, and you’ll be ready

Get Professional: Stop relying on a pile of external hard drives for your precious pictures & client files.

Let’s talk about the many benefits of a proper RAID setup today.

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