DoctorMac® is Westchester County’s only Authorized Apple® Reseller and Service Provider.  

Apple Authorized Reseller
Apple iMac27 - iMac21

Serving the New York Tri-State Area with Good Ol' Fashioned People-to-People Connections.


When the Macintosh® was introduced in 1984, it ignited a revolution that brought the power of technology to the individual.


The iPhone® and iPad® have put that power in your hands.

Technology can be an exciting, empowering tool — but it can also be intimidating, confusing, and even frustrating!

Apple iPads

DoctorMac® is an Authorized Reseller of Apple® computers and accessories, in a friendly, convenient neighborhood store ...

Apple MacBook Pro 13 /  MacBook Pro 15

... without a trip to the mall

DoctorMac® is also an Authorized Service Provider for Apple® products — that means we're held to high standards of technical expertise, and customer service and satisfaction.

We can also service and repair older products that Apple® will no longer support.

No appointment need, just walk right in and see one of our doctors!

DoctorMac is an Apple Authorized Service Provider


  • I really appreciate the patience and expertise of everyone at DoctorMac. Taking my troubled laptop into a small clean, well designed quiet not so overwhelming setting where its problems were diagnosed quickly was the best.
    — Jen S.
  • DoctorMac knew the problem without even opening my laptop. he saved me a ton of money when the problem wasn't actually my fault and the best buy geek squad guys told me i would be better off purchasing a new computer rather than putting in the money for new parts (that i didn't need).
    — Brian R.
  • Great service, excellent location and fast repair, I brought in my iMac and 24 hours later, it was fixed. Good communication also.
    — Jack D.
  • DoctorMac lives up to its name. Did a great job fixing my MacBook. The owner was knowledgeable and saved me a lot of money by fixing the hard drive on my Mac rather than me having to replace it. Knows what he is doing, and a very reasonably-priced service.
    — Frank R.
  • My 17 year old daughter called me in tears saying her hard drive was fried. She had lost access to 13 college applications, all of her school work as well as photos and personal files. Thankfully DoctorMac in Irvington calmly and quickly diagnosed the problem and saved the day at a very reasonable price.
    — Rachel W.
  • As Systems Manager for a Mac-based design agency, I highly recommend DoctorMac. They take a personal interest in their work, which is more than I can say for those smug hipsters at the you-know-what store across town, who couldn't care less how long it takes to repair a computer.
    — Jim D.
  • DoctorMac has real people with incredible tech knowledge who are there to feel your pain when something goes horribly wrong...and not just give you a bunch of verbal nonsense, but help you in the best way possible. We are so thankful to these wonderful people who are not only technical "real" geniuses but also have a heart......Thanks for all you did when Apple failed us.
    — Julie H.
  • The Doctor Mac store is an impeccable facility. I found them on a Google Maps search. I wasn't aware they were authorized by Apple. The owner and staff are confident, capable, patient, seasoned (experts, not trainees like the retail Apple stores), courteous, and the cost factor was fair and reasonable. We will bring all our Macs to Doctor Mac in the future.
    — Eric J.